Thursday, April 28, 2011

Touch Coins and Morning Math

So I have started to create some morning math work and I also have created some touch coins worksheets.  I actually laminated the touch coins worksheets and will have them as a choice for my Daily 5 math.  The morning math is something they will have to complete before free play.  I started this today with the morning math1 worksheet and they loved it.  I am curious to see how they do on morning math2 tomorrow.  Feel free to download all or whatever you choose.  Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these documents.. more to come!

-Miss Zakar


  1. These are wonderful!! Thanks a bunch!

  2. I love this!! Thank you bunches for sharing! My little sweeties will love it!

  3. My class used your touch coins documents today to count money!! The students understood the concept and were able to quickly grasp the activity. I love this approach and have added it to my bag of teaching tricks. Thanks, Sara! I look forward to seeing more of your ideas.

    First Grade Factory

  4. Thank you so much. Come back soon for more!
    Sara Zakar

  5. Just found your blog. Thank you so much for your docs. I just started 1st grade after 10 years in 3rd so these help sooo much! :)

  6. Where did you get your black and white outlined money? I am trying to make some new worksheets and can't find any good blacklines for the coins.