Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January.. A Month in Review

We have sure been busy in the month of January.  Here is a picture montage of the happenings in Room 8.

We finished our Snowmen All Year stories!

We began to use our Story Bags during Writing Workshop. We also started using story organizers to jot down what happens first, next, then, and last.  We then use these organizers to help us write our booklets!

We explored with some new math materials;
Geometric Solids
Pan Balance
Cuisinare Rods

We learned a new comprehension skills- Visualization or Making Mental Images
The kids were read a poem and they drew what they pictured in their heads.  They did awesome!

We enjoyed William's mom as our Mystery Reader

During guided reading, we are working on re-telling!  We met Jabber, our re-telling Parrot.
We learned about all the important things to remember for a re-tell!  I am so proud of their hard work!

We used our strategy of Visualization while listening to the poem,
My Neighbors Dog is Purple.  We learned that our mental images can change as the poem goes on!

We celebrated the Chinese New Year!  It is the year of the Horse.
We made dancing dragons and masks.

We made fortune cookies with good luck fortunes.
Each child wrote their own fortune, but they didn't know which one they would get!
I hope they enjoyed their surprise!

More dancing dragons and masks

We are looking forward o the 100th day of school.  We will be celebrating this on Monday February 10th.  Look for a note going home today!  I hope all the kids will be able to participate.  My Kindergarten kids did this last year and had a blast.  Check that post out on my blog.  It is called, "There are a bunch of 100 year olds in Kindergarten".

The 100th day of school is supposed to be on Friday, but with the possibility of a snow day on Wednesday, I made the executive decision to hold off until Monday, no matter what!
Thanks again!

Take care