Monday, March 31, 2014

Living and Non-Living

Happy Spring!  Over the last 2 weeks we have been discussing Living vs. Non Living.  At first, I asked them to tell me all they knew about Living Things.  They gave great examples, such as; people, animals, cats, mom and dad, nature, trees, plants.  I was impressed.  Then we talked about non-living things.  They mentioned a chair was non living.  Some other examples were; table, notebook, trashcan. They were right on!  The next question really got them thinking.  I asked them. "How do you know if something is living or not?"  That is when we got into the characteristics of living things.  Here is the list we talked about.

We watched a video that helped explain living vs. non-living and it even talked about once-living.  Ask your child and see if they can tell you what each one means.  We were also able to read a couple books about living and non-living and complete some sorts.

One day last week we decided to make a living and non-living collage to show what we knew.  Together in groups of 9, the kids worked together to look through magazines and find pictures of living things or non-living things, depending on what group they were in.  Then we were able to share what we found.  Here is a picture of their hard work.  They did awesome.