Monday, April 25, 2011

And we're back...


After a wonderful April vacation, the kiddos from room 11 are back and ready to learn.  With only 2 months left of kindergarten, we wasted no time and got right back to work.  During morning meeting we did a quick share of what we did over vacation and it sounded like everyone had a blast. I can't wait to read all about it in their vacation update journals.  It seems like they haven't skipped a beat.  After their journals they knew to get right into the daily 5.  I am so impressed. Here are some pictures of them hard at work on the first day back from vacation!

Those pictures showed them working on their weekend/vacation update journals.  Now I am going to post pictures of the kids during the Daily 5.  They were either in word work, read to buddy, read to self, or listen to a story. 

Today has been such a fantastic start to the week.   Stay tuned for posts about our reader's theater this week. The kids are so excited to finally put on their plays. 

-Miss Zakar

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  1. love love the pictures of the kiddos hard at work!! such a cute, hard working class!!!!