Monday, April 11, 2011

More from the Daily 5 Math

As promised, here are some more of my Daily 5 math games. Enjoy!

Number Line

Base-10 Exchange
Number Game

  Domino Kaboom
Fact Game

Enjoy these games.  More to come later! Happy Monday:)

-Miss Zakar


  1. Thanks for sharing!! These are great!! Happy Tuesday :) I am behind in my blogs!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great ideas! Check out my blog at


  3. I just discovered your site while searching for Guided Math games. How do you play the base ten exchange game? Thanks for sharing your wonderful resources.

  4. Your games are awesome!!! I started to homeschool my five year old this year, and I love your ideas, this will definitely make our mornings a lot of fun!
    How do you play the penny exchange game ad the base-10 game?
    my email is! THANK YOU!!!

  5. how do you play the strategy games double shutters, hexagon fill and high and low?

  6. Hey!! It will be good for you (and us), if you adds in the resources you share your blog's link, in order others can find you if they see a copy in any classroom :)...All your games are cool! I like them all! Many thanks!

  7. I really like "Up and Down the Number Line." I made an adaptation for working with higher numbers and posted it here.

  8. Oops - forgot the link