Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reader's Theater has Taken Over the Classroom...

With the longest month (no vacation days) of March behind us and April vacation in sight, the Zakar's have been going through a bit of a slump.  I'm not saying we aren't learning, or we aren't excited about learning, I just think the kids are ready for some change, or something new.  I decided this would be a great time to introduce some reader's theater.  I knew that they would absolutely love performing in front of the class, but I didn't know they would love it this much.  i started off by giving one of my reading groups a play to work on.  We did a read through and assigned parts and then I had to children practice for about a week, working on their fluency and voice change.   I decided they were finally ready to perform this week.  So on Tuesday I had them make their character masks and we did quite a few run throughs.  Each time, I gave them tips on how to engage the audience and really perform their part.  I told them to use a loud voice, and to always face the audience, and to speak slowly.  The last run through they completely blew my mind.  I knew they were ready.  The play was called "The Giant Jumparee" and there was a rabbit, cat, bear, elephant, frog, and the giant jumparee.  Take a peek of the cast;

So they put on a such a great show that my other kiddos wanted them to do it again right away.  Not only did all the kids love the show, but they are all so excited about putting on a play themselves.  I already have two more groups getting ready for a play.  We have "Lion's Dinner" and "The Little Red Hen".  I have one more group to find a play for and I am sure that everyone will want to do more.  The best part about this is that when I ask them why doing these plays is such a great way to become a better reader, the response is "It helps with our fluency."  This is why I love my job! Stay tuned for a video of the Giant Jumparee upon getting permission from all the parents! Thanks for reading!

-Miss Zakar