Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 more days...

With vacation in the near future, you would think that the kids would be crazy and out of control, but to my amazement, they have been wonderful.  It has been a great week.  Last week we had some off days.  I think the kids were getting too comfortable in the classroom and were forgetting some important classroom rules.  We had a long talk and everyone promised to work hard this week to show their VBW behavior.  I am so impressed this week that this afternoon they actually earned extra free play.  So if you are one of the parents, give you child a high five for working really hard the week before vacation.  I hope not to jinx myself.  I am hoping for three more amazing days, and I know that is just what I will get.  Just a little story to explain why I have the most amazing class in the world.  I am not the most creative and artsy teacher there ever was, so when it comes to figuring out fun arts and craft projects, it is a process.  I usually go to one of my favorite, creative teacher friends, Mrs T., and ask her "Mrs. T, what can we do today that is fun?" (she always tells me I'm not fun! hahaha).  So as I am trying to figure out a "Fun Friday" art activity, I decide to ask my students what we should do.  I thought I would get responses like; recess all day or games all day.  Instead their answers were;  "writing workshop?", "read to self?", "Daily 5 Math all day!".  Just another reason to prove that my children know exactly why they are here in school, to become life long learners! I only hope we finish the week like we started it!
Till next time..
Live, Love, Teach, Share!

-Miss Zakar