Monday, November 28, 2011

Descriptive Writing with POP ROCKS

Over here in the Zakar's, we have been focusing on using descriptive words to make our stories more interesting.  I have found a really fun activity to get our minds going.  We will be using our 5 senses to add PIZZAZZ to our writing.  I found this idea on one of my favorite teacher's blog.  It is called Primary Graffiti.  We will be using Pop Rocks to write descriptive words.  Check out her post all about it.  Here is the link!

The children were givene a very small amount of this candy. You should have seen the looks on their faces when the candy started to fizzle.   All of a sudden they began to shout out words to describe the sensation, smell and  taste of this fun candy! We talked about it with our classmates and made a Pop Rocks web of our ideas.  The kids came up with some fantastic words and phrases.  My favorite was when Melissa said "It feels like there is a party going on in my mouth!"  Take a look at all the other ideas they had!

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product. They did such a nice job! I also have some video of the pop rocks in action!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Here are some new math freebies for you all!  I have just added these to my daily 5 math time!
Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Just click on the math game you would like and it will bring you to my google docs page.  Happy downloading! Feel free to pin this page so more people can benefit from my freebies!
Thanks again!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Parents,

The children are just loving all of the technology that I have introduced this year.  A really big hit is using the ipad during Daily 5 and Daily 5 math.  They also love using the computer for Raz Kids and for listening to a story.  At the beginning of the year I purchased 10 brand new headphones for each of the devices that needed them.  Unfortunately every single pair has been destroyed.  They have been stepped on or the ear foam has been ripped off (so now they are very uncomfortable).  I am not blaming anyone for this as I can see how this happens.  So, I am hoping you can help us out.  I am asking that each family purchases one pair of headphones (your choice of price and quality).  These will be your child's personal headphones and they will keep them in their book box.  This will also make the children responsible for their own headphones and if they want to use them they have to take care of them.  They tend to treat materials that are actually theirs better than materials that aren't!  If a child wants to use the computer, an ipad, a mp3 player, or a cd player, they will have to go get their headphones.  At the end of the year you can either donate the headphones to my classroom or your child may bring them home (especially if you want to spend money on a good pair of headphones).  I hope that you will be willing to purchase your child a personal pair of headphones.  If you choose not to participate in buying your own headphones, there will be headphones available for them to use, so don't worry! I completely understand if you cannot purchase headphones at this time.  Please email me and let me know what you have decided. Thanks so much!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My App Symbaloo

Here is the start of my Ipad app symbaloo.  So far I have created 2 webmixes.  One is for phonics/sight word apps and the other is a math webmix.  There are 72 mostly free apps per page!  I will be updated and adding onto this symbaloo.  Stay tuned for ELA apps (fiction and non-fiction), science apps, social studies apps, art apps, music apps, story telling apps,  productivity/ instructional tools for teachers.  I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FREEBIE!! new math games created and recreated by ME!!

How has everyone been??  It has been a such quick week.  No school tomorrow for Veterans Day!  So I am going to take this time to offer some more freebies in honor of all the service men and women who have worked hard to make America a safe place to live, laugh, and love.  Here are some new math games that I have created and recreated.   I have taken taken some of the ideas I have found on pinterest and I have recreated these games.  If you know who is the original creator of these ideas, please give credit where credit is due.  Thanks for your inspiration.  Here you go!

Here is a take on my Domino Kaboom.  It is the same idea, but here we are subtracting! I hope you enjoy! Just click on the pictures to get the google doc!

And here is race to 15¢ inspired by a fellow pinner!

Thank you to everyone who has joined my blog!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I P.I.C.K- A song performed by the Zakar's!!

I always like to give credit where credit is due so I will start this post by saying this was not my original idea.  I saw this on the web and decided I had to re-create this.  We have been talking alot about picking books that are just right for us.  Using the acronym IPICK, seems to help them remember how to pick good fit book.  I-- I choose my books, P-- Purpose (Why am I reading?), I-- Interest (Do I like it?), C-- Comprehension (Do I understand?), K-- Know (Do I know most of the words).  Here is the video of the kiddos performing the IPICK song.  I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



These will make wonderful holiday gifts. Please take advantage.  
If you would rather send in a check and you book order, please do so!
They also have best picks per grade and the book wizard to find books that are just right for your child!

Online Ordering Information
Web address:
Class Activation Code: HD64Z

Dear Parent,

Please take some time to explore the flyer with your child. Make your selections and return the order form to me, along with your payment.

Or, give online ordering a try!

It’s fast, easy, and you get instant access to thousands of additional titles plus online-only specials and discounts. Best of all, we earn a FREE book for the classroom library every time a parent places an order online.*

Go to and log in using your user name and password.

If it’s your first time ordering online, use the Class Activation Code shown above to get started.

Online ordering offers you several advantages:
  • Larger selection: Choose from thousands of titles, and more detailed product information than in the printed flyer.
  • Exclusive online-only offers: Enjoy discounts available only on our Web site.

  • Easy payment: Use your credit card! No need to worry about printed forms or sending checks to school.
Go to now to get started.

Thank you,

Pinterest Linky Party

Welcome to this awesome Pinterest Linky Party.  Come join the crazy amounts of teachers who want to share their virtual pinboards with each other.  Just head on over to Math in the Middle and she will take you step by step to link up!!!  If you don't know what pinterest is, you're missing out.  Check it out and it will completely change your teaching! Just click on Michelle's button and join you're fellow teachers!
Thanks Michelle! I can't wait to get lost in all these wonderful pin boards!