Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reader's Theater Extravaganza

So reader's theater has really taken off in my room this year.  The first play was such a success, I decided to focus these next couple of weeks on fluency.  So far we have done 3 plays and their are 2 more to go.  The kids keep asking for more, so I've been on a search for fun scripts at their reading level.  I am going to post each of the plays so you can see what a wonderful job they did.  I know you will agree. If you know of any terrific site with free readers theater scripts, leave a message! Thanks so much

Here is "The Little Red Hen".  The other videos will be up shortly. They are a little longer and they will not upload in blogger. I will figure out a way for everyone to see them very soon.  Enjoy!

-Miss Zakar


  1. My kiddos love reader's theater, too! We did some today. They think that it's so much fun. I love to watch them read with expression and actions!! This is one of the many reasons that I love this time of year!!

    First Grade Factory

  2. Yes, It is so fun! Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for commenting! Have a great night.

  3. I love your blog.. how do you create your documents.. what software do you use? I love it!
    thanks again

  4. The kids have done an excellent and wonderful job. Is there anyway to have them speak louder or into a microphone since its difficult to hear them? Thank you!!! Great job!!1