Sunday, September 23, 2012


 CONGRATULATIONS!!! To all the boys and girls in room 8.  I use a whole group behavior management system called Dazzles.  In order to receive a Dazzle, the whole group must be caught doing something good.  This can be following rules or walking quietly in the hall, getting a compliment from another teacher, or showing awesome behavior in the classroom.  Every time I catch them doing the right thing, they receive a dazzle.  When they get 10 dazzles. they are able to have a Dazzle Vote.  Here they learn that majority rules and that if you don't get your choice, that it is no big deal and maybe we will choose your activity next time.  So, the Dazzle Vote took place on Thursday morning.  The votes were in!  They voted to have a movie day!  They were all really excited.  So, I rented The Lorax.  All the kids were super excited.  We watched half of it in the morning and then we were able to watch the rest in the afternoon.  The kids are moving and grooving with getting used to my classroom rules and expectations.  They are so amazing that they have already earned 2 more dazzles.  Now we only have 8 left in order to get another dazzle vote!  I'm confident we will be able to reach 10 dazzles very quickly!

All the children enjoyed the Lorax and we talked about why they were able to watch this movie and what types of behavior I saw that made me give them a dazzle.  We reviewed our rules and decided what we needed to work on as a group to earn more dazzles. 

Stay tuned to see how quickly the kids earn another 10 Dazzles!

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