Sunday, September 30, 2012

Parent Conferences and Sign Up Genius

Introducing SIGN UP GENIUS.  Rewind to 2011.  The last time parent-teacher conferences were coming around, I began to look for my sign up list.  After about 30 min, I started to panic.  I could not find my sign-up sheet anywhere!!!  I had no clue which parent was coming when.  I had no idea what time I was starting and ending.  I had every right to panic.  So, a couple days later, still no sign-up sheet.  I proceeded to email all of my parents, telling them how I have lost this very important document.  I asked them to email me back with the time they signed up for.  For the most part, parents kindly replied and helped me piece together my order.  There were a few however, who were depending on me to remind them what time they signed up for.  So... fast forward to year 2012.  Curriculum Night went flawless, and all the parents who attended, signed up for a conference.  As I cleaned up from the night, i told myself I would put this in such a special spot, that I could never loose it.  Knowing me, however, you know there is no such special spot for me!  So.. intro SIGN UP GENIUS!  This is a wonderful, free resource that lets you create a sign-up sheet. This is a link that is sent to the parents and they can go to my page and click on the time they would like to have a conference.  Knowing that most of my parents already signed up for a conference, I used this as a confirmation of their time.  For the 8 families that did not sign up, they could see the open times that were available, click, and sign up for a conference.  Such a GENIUS idea.  I couldn't possibly ever lose this sign-up!  Thank goodness for technology!

If you are a parent in my classroom and you have not signed up, or you want to confirm your time, please follow this link to my Sign-up Genius page!

Miss Zakar's Parent-Teacher Conference Sign Ups

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