Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FREEBIE!! new math games created and recreated by ME!!

How has everyone been??  It has been a such quick week.  No school tomorrow for Veterans Day!  So I am going to take this time to offer some more freebies in honor of all the service men and women who have worked hard to make America a safe place to live, laugh, and love.  Here are some new math games that I have created and recreated.   I have taken taken some of the ideas I have found on pinterest and I have recreated these games.  If you know who is the original creator of these ideas, please give credit where credit is due.  Thanks for your inspiration.  Here you go!

Here is a take on my Domino Kaboom.  It is the same idea, but here we are subtracting! I hope you enjoy! Just click on the pictures to get the google doc!

And here is race to 15¢ inspired by a fellow pinner!

Thank you to everyone who has joined my blog!