Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Parents,

The children are just loving all of the technology that I have introduced this year.  A really big hit is using the ipad during Daily 5 and Daily 5 math.  They also love using the computer for Raz Kids and for listening to a story.  At the beginning of the year I purchased 10 brand new headphones for each of the devices that needed them.  Unfortunately every single pair has been destroyed.  They have been stepped on or the ear foam has been ripped off (so now they are very uncomfortable).  I am not blaming anyone for this as I can see how this happens.  So, I am hoping you can help us out.  I am asking that each family purchases one pair of headphones (your choice of price and quality).  These will be your child's personal headphones and they will keep them in their book box.  This will also make the children responsible for their own headphones and if they want to use them they have to take care of them.  They tend to treat materials that are actually theirs better than materials that aren't!  If a child wants to use the computer, an ipad, a mp3 player, or a cd player, they will have to go get their headphones.  At the end of the year you can either donate the headphones to my classroom or your child may bring them home (especially if you want to spend money on a good pair of headphones).  I hope that you will be willing to purchase your child a personal pair of headphones.  If you choose not to participate in buying your own headphones, there will be headphones available for them to use, so don't worry! I completely understand if you cannot purchase headphones at this time.  Please email me and let me know what you have decided. Thanks so much!


  1. Do you have some recommendation?
    - Josephine

  2. This is the URL for cute kids headphones that are good quality $25 dollars

    These are Califone headphones from Amazon
    They are $17.95

    So anything like these are great. If you wanted to go on the less expensive go for headphones like this:

    Hope this helps.
    If you don't like any of these just google kids headphones