Monday, April 28, 2014

Beans and more… a review of the past couple weeks!

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable vacation.  I did a lot of house work including painting and washing walls.  Also, my puppy, Sugarplum, got spayed.  She was not such a great patient.  I think she takes after me! HA!  But she is feeling much better and due to get her stitches out this week.  Thanks goodness!  I know I promised these pictures before vacation, but that just never happened, so I apologize.  I hope that the bean plants that we started growing in school have survived and the children will get to see some bean pods and flowers starting to grow.  Starting at the end of this week and next week we will be starting our unit on the Lifecycle of a Butterfly.  The kids are very excited for our caterpillars to arrive.

We are also going to be working with some reader's theater scripts.  Each child will be able to be a part of a play that they will practice for, create characters and settings, and then perform for our class.  This will be informal in front of only the kiddos, but I will be sure to video each performance for your viewing.  Stay tuned!  I look forward to the last 8 weeks I will be spending with your children.  We are really going to be working hard to get ourselves ready to be 1st graders!

Enjoy the pictures!

We enjoyed many different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. We then made our own beanstalks in order to retell the story.  The kids did great!

Planting our Beans in CD cases

Spring into Spring.. with a little Opinion Writing thrown in!

I like spring because….


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