Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Curriculum Night was a success!

So Monday night was curriculum night at Beal School for first grade.  Although this is my 7th time presenting to parents, this night will always be stressful.  Luckily I have a looping classroom so I know most of the parents.  A couple days before curriculum night (the night before.. haha) I decided to make a presentation using our district's new interactive software, Easiteach!  Boy, was this a mistake!  I was sitting on my couch Sunday night, 3 hours into creating an amazing presentation for the parents, and all of a sudden my computer decided to freeze.  Without freaking out (totally freaking out because I had not saved it yet), I restarted my computer with the hope that my presentation would be recovered.
Wouldn't you know it, it was NOWHERE to be found.  This is when I began to sweat (I might have thrown a couple things) and freak out.  So, the presentation was lost and I couldn't get back those 3 hours either.  I finally calmed down and started all over.  I was not going to let Easiteach get the best of me.  So, for the next 3 hours I worked on my presentation once again.  I saved my work and finally went to bed.  The next morning at school, I knew I had a few slides left to finish.  I worked for about another 45 minutes while my student teacher led morning meeting.  I was finally finished, so I saved my work like 5 times just to be sure.  The day went on and it was time to get ready for Curriculum Night.  I plugged everything in and crossed my fingers when I double clicked on my saved file.  Of course,  it wouldn't open!  It would freeze everytime I tried to open it.  So here is when I TRULY start to freak out.  I get up to leave the room to calm down and my student teacher, Melissa,  says she is going to try and play with it.  As I am in Miss Johnson's room venting about all my computer problems, Miss Goulet walks in and says my presentation is up and running! HOLY COW!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MISS GOULET! You saved my sanity!  hahha.  Needless to say, Curriculum Night went very well.  At least I got a great story out of it.  I consider my self a techy, and when technology is working it is more than amazing, but when it doesn't it is like the whole world is ending.  Lucky for me, the whole world did not end and the night was great!  Here are some pics from the night!

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  1. you are amazing at what you do...and I'll keep telling you it until you truly believe it! :)