Monday, February 11, 2013

There are a bunch of 100 year olds in Kindergarten....

Today is the 100th day of school.  I challenged my kiddos to come into school dressed as if they were 100 years old.  They did AWESOME!!  Along with dressing up, we participated in many 100th day activities.  We built a tower with 100 cups, we wrote about what we would do with 100 dollars.  We also stamped 100 times and made a picture with 100 dots.  Mrs. T did 100 exercises with the kids, and they worked together to make a picture with 100 popsicle sticks.  Some of the other activities we did were; writing 100 words, writing numbers to 100, rolling to 100, and drawing our 100 year old self portraits.  Take a peek at the pictures of the children exploring with the number 100.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Stay tuned to see what we learn.  If there are any parents who would like to come in to talk about the Chinese New Year or read about the Chinese New Year, send me an email and we will find a time this week.  The only issue that may arise with this is if you have a CORI or not.  If you don't have a cleared CORI, you cannot come in to be with the class.  Sorry.  If you are unsure if you have a CORI, please contact the office and they will be sure to let you know.

Enjoy the pictures from the 100th day!

Miss Zakar or Miss Zakar's
Grandma??                                                   Denzel looking nice and dapper!

                 Peter and Annika                              Keshav in his awesome glasses!

               Diego and Ethan                                                 I love the gray bob, Abby!

         These 100 year old men must have been best friends since Kindergarten!

                 Abby               I guess all 100 year olds wear glasses!           Aiden

                                                      Looking Good!

                                                  Ethan, Arjun, and Diego

                 Great costume Alexis-  You definitely look like an old granny!

               and here is Rishav as Mr. George Washington.  Awesome idea Rishav!

           Could they be any cuter?                           Alana, Annika, and Keshav

                                    Our first president of the United States!

                          Dressed up as if we were 100 years old for the 100th day of school!

Our 100th day activities:

Stamping to 100

Can you do 100 exercises?

Building a picture with 100 popsicle sticks and 100 bears!


  What would you make with 100 dots?                            

If I had 100 dollars.....?? 


100 Cups Tower


  1. Fabulous 100 Day ideas...I love the 100 year old friends...Cute, Darling Funny and Fabulous!

  2. These are awesome ideas! I might try some of these in my pre-k classroom.