Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tricky Teen Mnemonics

Those "teen" numbers sure are tricky.   They don't follow any of our rules that we know about numbers.  Remembering their names can be such a hard concept for children.  About a month ago, I asked the special education teacher, Mrs. K., to do an introductory lesson on the "tricky teens".  She had come up with some mnemonics that would help the children remember those tricky names.  After the lesson, I loved them so much that i decided to work on creating those pictures on the computer.  Well, after much tweaking, we finally have a finished product.  These picture and rhyme clues have been so helpful to my friends who are still getting tricked by those "tricky teens".  This is how they came out.

All the teens start with a 1.  We decided to make the 1 into a "teenager".  We talked about what a teenager was and decided that a boy or a girl who was between the age of 11-19 was considered a teenager.  Some of the teen numbers have a rhyme with them because they don't follow any rule. the other teens use the "backwards rule".  This means that we say the number in the ones place first followed by "teen".  The teens that use the backwards rule have lips on the number in the ones place.  This is to remind the kids that we start with that number.  Take a look and you will get s better idea of what we mean.  Although I made the pictures, all the credit goes to Karen K., who was the creator of the mnemonic.  Thanks KK!

11-  Kevin and Devin Eleven
12-  Elve Twelve
13-  Prrrrr ..teen thirteen
14-  (backwards rule)- four teen
15-  jiff..teen fifteen
16-  (backwards rule) six teen
17-  (backwards rule) seven teen
18-  (backwards rule) eight teen
19-  (backwards rule) nine teen

Here are the tricky teens in black and white!

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  1. What a great idea. I have 3 kids struggling with teens right now. Are you planning to make this available to download? Thank you for sharing! The idea of the lips is wonderful!