Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Popcorn Words Galore...


We have been busy searching for popcorn words.  Popcorn words are words that "POP UP!" frequently in reading and writing.  It is critical that readers and writers develop automatic recognition of popcorn words, a skill that leads to fluency.  Here are some of the popcorn words that we have found in our books.  They are doing such a nice job.  The popcorn words that I have introduced are a, the, is, I, and.  When you are reading with your children, have them go on a hunt like we did.  Also, if your child finds a popcorn word in a book or on a sign, you can take a picture of them pointing to the word and send in a copy.  Your child will be added to the popcorn word hall of fame!  Happy Hunting!!


  1. So cute....keshav was wondering where he is....ha ha ha

  2. He recognized his finger, good job zakar's !