Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily 5 literacy and Daily 5 math

Daily 5 at it's best!!!!

The kids have been working really hard on their work stamina.  I have now introduced "Read to Self", "Word Work", "Listen to a Story",  and our latest and greatest, "Work on Writing".  During work on writing, the kids are able to make a card.  Next week I will introduce List Writing.  We have been busy learning about our lively letters.  So far, I have introduced p/b, t/d, f/v and k/g.  Ask your son or daughter about these letter characters and see if he/ she is able to tell you the letter story..  This week we have been working with syllables.  We counted how many syllables we had in our name and we also talked about how syllables are different than letters.  Next week we will dive into Rhyming.  In math, we have begun the process of learning Daily 5 math.  Each child has a "Math Game Binder".  The 5 choices they have for math are; number games, fact games, paper and pencil, math tools and strategy games.  So far we have only learned about math tools, number games, fact games, and paper and pencil.  So, here are some pictures of the kids hard at work

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  1. Your students look so engaged in the learning activities you have set up for them. Great job!!
    Connie Anderson:)