Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of the Year!

Hello everyone.
Can you believe that the year has come to an end. I sure can't.. I remember when I was put our of my comfort zone and pushed to do Kindergarten.  I was scared, nervous, and had little confidence in myself.  Now that the year is coming to an end, I am so glad that I was given this challenge because I took the challenge by the wings.  I love my kids.. I love my class. They progressed everyday. They are like sponges and I am so lucky to have them next year!  Ok... enough about me.. how about you?? How is everyone doing at the end of the year??  If anyone needs ideas or help, -please contact me and I will of course do what I can to help you.  Anyways.. thanks to Mrs. Brooks.. we are able to have our author's breakfast with no issues.. She really has done an amazing job this year and I am so thankful for her..
Everyone have a great night.. love, peave, laughter..
Miss Zakar

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  1. I meant peace.. not peave.. but i am hoping you knew that!